beginner for web3

Newcomers start the journey of Web3

Recently, the cryptocurrency circle has been very hot. Even though I have never understood coins, I have come into contact with various news, especially after BTC broke 70,000, it became even crazier. So I joined the army of newcomers and contributed some personal strength to the prosperity of the coin circle.

Buying Bitcoin through the Binance App#

As a newbie, I searched on Google for how to buy Bitcoin. The general comparison process is as follows:

  1. Download the Binance App: I use an iPhone, switch to a non-national Apple ID (I happen to have one from Turkey), download, and then enter the app store to download the Binance App.

  2. Register a Binance account: Follow the instructions in the app to operate.

  3. Deposit: Through the C2C method, find a merchant to transfer money via Alipay, and then the merchant will pay you USDT.

  4. Then you can buy Bitcoin from your funding account. I contributed 100 USDT to the coin circle.

Registering a Web3 Wallet#

Currently, the main Web3 wallets are MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. I tried Coinbase Wallet first, but found that I needed a VPN to register, and also needed to create a Coinbase account. After struggling for half an hour, I gave up.

So I started using MetaMask, which is much simpler. Just record a mnemonic phrase, verify it, and you're registered. Install the corresponding plugin on Chrome to get started.

Then you can use MetaMask to connect to xlog, it's as simple as that. Later, you can use xLog to record some Web3 pitfalls.

Registering on Twitter and Telegram#

I have actually registered for these two before, it's quite simple as long as you have a VPN (you may need to spend some money to buy a virtual number to register on Telegram). The VPN I recommend is the Sanfen Airport that I currently use. I bought it for 9 dollars a year with 200GB of monthly traffic, the speed for browsing web pages is decent, but watching YouTube videos is not good. Its advantage is supporting Clash export, which is very suitable for Linux systems.

The basic tools and platforms have been set up preliminarily.

This year, I set a small goal: let the newcomers keep some roots and leave a spark to become an old-timer.

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